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About Us

MUDDYEYES was founded in 2019 as a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that serves families who live in motels along an area known as Motel Row in Fresno, California. 

Our Mission

MUDDYEYES, with the help of our partnerships, are dedicated to helping homeless or near homeless families. We provide families with food, hygiene products, school supplies, clothing and household items on a one-on-one basis.

MUDDEYES is a member partner of the Central California Food Bank and distributes food daily to 40-50 families facing food insecurity. We also work in partnership with First Baptist Church of Clovis, Turning Point Central California, RH Community Builders and Housing Authority of Fresno California.


Transforming Lives Project

We meet families each day and provide nutritious food, mainly non-perishable dry foods. However, Project Homekey shelters lack kitchens and proper storage for perishable foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables. We are not able to meet the need for fresh or perishable foods because we also don't have sufficient cold food storage.

We need to purchase the following to support these needs. Below is a list of items your donations will help fund.

  • Commercial size refrigerator and freezer.
    This will provide proper storage for us to keep perishable and fresh foods.

  • Larger Vehicle to transport food and materials.
    A larger vehicle will help us with transporting these items to the families. We currently have a vehicle that is too small to support the families we serve.